Investigating the Word of God

New Testament Study Guides

New Testament Study Guides"Investigating the Word of God" is a new series of study guides for the books of the New Testament. Each study guide contains an introduction to the book and lessons on each chapter. Each lesson, which covers a single chapter, is on one side of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper which makes it easy to use. Every lesson includes the sections "Keys to Understanding the Chapter ("Key Passage," "Key People," "Key Places, "Key Words," and "Key Lesson");" "Questions on the Text;" "Matching Questions;" "True-False Questions;" and a "Discussion Question."

These lessons are suitable for classes from Middle School through Adult. They may also be used for personal studies, family devotionals and home schooling lessons.

This series of guides have been designed to get students back to studying the Bible rather than studying about the Bible.