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Free Bible Study Guides

You will need Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later to use these free studies. If you have trouble opening or downloading any of these files, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

Basic Concepts is a ten lesson workbook on subjects that are basic to understanding the religion of Christ. Topics included are: "The Godhead;" "Sin;" "Righteousness;" "Redemption;" "Atonement;" "Conversion;" "Justification and Sanctification;" "Faith;" "Grace;" and "Love." (File size 288k)

A Study Of Premillenialism is an eight lesson series of studies on this false doctrine. These lessons may be presented from the pulpit, studied in a Bible class setting, or used in private studies. The lessons are: "An Introduction;" "Has the Kingdom Prophesied by OT Writers Been Established?;" "The Kingship of Jesus;" "Fulfillment of the Land Promise and the Restoration of the Jews to That Land;" "The Conversion of Israel;" "The Rapture;" "Armageddon;" and "An Analysis of Revelation 20:1-6." (File size 344k)

A Way to Teach the Gospel This is a chain reference of Scriptures which can be used to teach someone what they need to know in order to have forgiveness of their sins and the blessing of eternal life. It is especially helpful when you know you will only have one opportunity to teach the person. (File size 167k)