Why So Many Denominations?

by Gene Taylor

Have you ever wondered why there are so many denominational bodies and why believers in Christ are not all united? If you have been disturbed by this question, you are not alone. It is frequently asked by sincere, honest people seeking the truth.

In the religious world, both Protestant and Catholic churches are divided and subdivided into different denominations each of which is characterized by a distinctive name, a particular creed, a form of organization, and a type of worship peculiar to itself and different from all other churches.

Despite the fact that some sincere people cannot answer the question as to "Why the number of divisions?" most of them will agree that it would be desireable if all people were united in one body in the name of Christ our Savior.

Unity in the modern religious world can only be had if we:

Yes, unity can be attained in religion if all people will abandon all beliefs and practices that are foreign to the Bible and be satisfied to teach and practice only those things found in and authorized by the word of God.

The local church of Christ in this community is a group of Bible-believing people who are trying to conform all aspects of their lives to the will of God and the image of Christ. They accept the Scriptures as their only authority in religious matters. If you are interested in things spiritual and are wanting to learn more of Christ and His will for you, please visit them. They would be happy to help in any way they can to make your life right with God.