Doug Bauer (Pinetown, South Africa)

doug bauerDoug Bauer and his wife, Sheila, were born in Zimbabwe, Both obeyed the gospel in 1960 in Lusaka Zambia. Not long afterward, the local preacher left and all of a sudden the preaching and teaching of the Lusaka church fell on their shoulders - having to learn "to swim, and learn fast or drown." In 1963 they, with their six children moved, to Malawi where they worked among the black people of the Henga valley churches for 18 months. They then returned to Ndola, Zambia, and established a church in that town. By 1966 the political situation made them leave and move back to Zimbabwe. They settled in Que Que and, once again, established the church there. They remained in Que Que for 16 years, when they again decided they needed to move to new places. In 1982 they settled in Pinetown, South Africa and established the church.

They have now lived in Pinetown for over 20 years. For the first years they worked with the Highway church in Pinetown. It was during these years that the church built and paid for a house where they could meet for their worship services. Once there were men capable of preaching and teaching Bible classes, Sheila and Doug then met a number of the churches in the Durban area, made up of Asians, people from India. These people are descendants of the 1860 laborers that were brought over from India to work in the cane fields. Today they are a well established people and their home language is now English. At present they work with three of these churches, the largest numbering in the 40's and the smallest number, normally, ten souls.

Doug says, "I leave it up to each church to decide what they need to study, and set my lessons on their requirement. Pleased to say, they have been encouraged to focus on the younger saints so many of our lessons are on the church of tomorrow trying to get the younger men and women to study and learn that the Lord's church will only be as strong as they want it to be. But South Africa is no different than any other country in the world. The world has so much to offer the young people and it is not easy to keep our young ones transformed to the new life in Christ. It so easy to rather just weaken and be conformed to this old sinful world."